Why you’ll love this program

As an entry level coaching package, this service is not your general program made for everyone, it is offering you a great value for a monthly Individual Training Plan developed and tailored for your specific event's/goals based on the information in Athlete Application and events, and as far in as advance notice of changes. You’re getting all the knowledge and science the other packages offer.

What makes it cheaper?

This program is very limited to any changes to any workouts that have already been scheduled. If changes happen you will have to do the best you can to cope with whatever the situation is. If you need updates there is a re-write fee of $30 per changed week.

What is included?

Goal setting specific to each athlete

Specific workouts: Recovery, Intervals and Pre Race/ Event Preparation


Training set up in 2-4 week structure

This helps maximize your training schedule to meet your specific needs. Intervals, looser guidance days, detailed notes on active recovery processes


Detailed gym or home plans catered to specific needs

We can determine what is ideal for your time constraints or physical needs. Boosting threshold, total body strength and injury prevention


Introduction to training manual


Plans mapped out on Google Calendar for anywhere access


During seasons of restoring my health and building a base for the future, the not-so-cookie-cutter plan allowed me to listen to my body and still have a plan for the day. Ashley paid close attention to my needs but we were able to make progress in larger steps verses a weekly check-in.
— David Roberts, Guinness World Record smasher (Climbed 42,380ft / 12,917m in 24 hours on a bicycle)