$350/month Heart Rate or $400/month power meter

What makes this plan different?

In this plan leaves no stone is unturned. Every aspect of your on and off-the-bike training is constantly monitored to make your development as effective as possible. 

Why two prices for Heart Rate and Power Meter?

There is a LOT (over a decade of research for me) that needs to happen to have a complete understanding the science of Heart Rate and Power measurements. Heart Rate (HR) is a amazing tool. A major difference for me and training athletes with HR is disproving the typical myths athletes have about HR and the sometimes inconsistent nature for some.
Power is the only way to track and assess every second, minute, and hour of training to ensure you are doing the right amount of effort at all times. This reason and maximizing the body's potential Is a far greater performance benefit then acquiring a lighter frame or wheelset .. 

What is included?

Complete Accessibility

All access via email, call and text for daily workout workout updates if your schedule changes.


A program that evolves

Athletes adapt to changes within 2-3 weeks. With that in mind, every aspect of training requires constant evolution to avoid a plateau and keep progressing.


Personalized diet plans

After analysis of your current diet a new diet plan is created to clean up what you’re putting into your body. This increases fat loss while increasing strength and energy! 


Maximize metabolic efficiency

I have been studying this sense there were words to name it. In combination with personalized diet plans, metabolic efficiency (fat adapted)  is how to maximize energy and glycogen use for events or goals to perform better for longer. 


Field testing to set proper heart or power rate zones

Monthly scheduled testing as well as testing as well as unscheduled. Sometimes I like to not tell athletes about performance assessments so athletes don’t make their own expectations that could have negative impact on what they think they should be doing. I'm the Jedi master, let me determine what is good and bad.  


Weekly data analysis with extra attention to important workouts


There aren’t two persons alike and we don’t like the same things. Same is for training what works for you may not work for me, and what I have felt with Ashley is that he finds what is the best for you, it’s not about training less or more, it’s about training better. And one of the things I personally like the most about the program is how Ashley understands that we are persons with different needs so he makes the training program for real people and not for robots or storm troopers. This are the details that make you feel better on and off the bike, and that are shown in fitness, performance and results.
— Luis Enrique Lemus, 2x Mexican National Pro Road Race Champion, Olympic Athlete, Cycling Academy Team