Hi and welcome,

I once was a elite cyclist and I’ve won professional races. Every year of training and racing brought greater success as I built my fitness. Almost obsessively studying sports science of all kinds for over 12 years, testing many theories and lab results by bringing them to real road training—even incorporating a way of training for a full year. 

Since my transition to coaching and training full time I’ve had the pleasure of working with professional cyclists winning professional national championships as well as elite, and junior national championships. I also have had the great experience of working with and directing U23 BikePure Cycling Team Stage 17 Racing Team/BMW Development from its conception to its depart.

If its training to just be better or racing is your goal, you have to understand this is an endurance sport and it really takes years to develop ones real potential. More specifically, it takes a person 6 years of consistent training to start to see their real potential. Let’s start and see what your potential is.

Ashley Knights, jr.
Founder & Trainer