Certified & Experienced

My racing and personal history of injury has been a significant inspiration for learning and staying up to date with the best fitting techniques for my clients. I've witnessed the positive effects on power, endurance, and the long-term health of my athletes.

It's for Everyone

It is often overlooked by new riders and not done frequently enough by lifetime riders.

For the new rider, an initial fit can mitigate stress injuries and sore points as the body adjusts to both new movements and static holds. Muscle soreness is positive adaptation that can be managed and recovered from for growth. Acute pain will not only have a negative impact on your health and goals but also take the joy out of riding your bike. 

A lifetime riders body continues to adapt in the same way. Increased flexibility and power output may make the fitting from 1-2 years ago less optimal than it was at the time. In the same way, a seasonal break or even a year plus away from cycling can mean the same thing. A previous bike fitting matched the body and goals you had on that day. As you change, so does your fit.

Contact me to answer any questions and schedule your fitting.

I had been experiencing a lot of back pain prior to visiting Ashley. I had never been fit before so I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. Ashley walked me through everything and explained all the steps he was taking. He made the 3 hours fly by. After visiting my back pain has gone away and I’ve seen improvement in my riding. Thanks for such an awesome experience!
— Megan Duehring, Felt Bicycles


What fitting certifications do you have?

  • Fit Institute Slow Twitch

  • MedBridge Certification for Cycling Biomechanics/Foot-Pedal interface

Each certification represents a significant investment in learning and applying fitting principles. I am determined to stay current and be ready for any goal a client has, whether it's pain related or achieving better biomechanics for a TT race.


What tools and technology do you use?

These are a few of the tools I use. Each are used for their specific area of feedback or adjustment so I can create a complete picture of your fit.

Purefly Custom Fit Bike Pro 1
From the manufacturer: "The Fit Bike Pro 1 has resulted in the closest experience to a true ride by integrating technology from PowerBahn. Our load control unit electronically samples and controls load up to 1000 times a second allowing for accurate readings and corrections while the rider is in motion and under cycling conditions."

Systems for hip, knee, ankle and foot problems include:

FFMD tooling
The Forefoot Measuring Device (FFMD) is placed on the bottom of the foot to help gauge forefoot tilt and determine the number and angle of Cleat Wedges and/or ITS Wedges needed to accommodate the cyclist's varus or valgus feet. 

BikeFit Systems Hardware
A foot pedal interface

Varus and Valgus Wedging
Internal or external wedges that tilt the foot in small increments or help with leg length discrepancy. 

Motion Capture Software
Ability to capture the effects of an adjustment during lower or higher power outputs beyond what the human eye can track. 

Accurate measurement of leg, hip, back, and arm angles.


Schedule a Fitting

I will do everything I can to answer your questions about your fitting before we schedule it. Contact me to learn more and schedule your fitting for a healthier and more effective way to make progress on your bike.