Hi and welcome,

I really have two stories, one of my development in health and as a cyclist/coach.

My health journey started very young, I spent a very large part of my youth with my grandad and Nan. Even earlier then 10 years old I realized my nan was a very sick person and was in a lot of pain. I watched my nan suffer every day, but in reality she lived a brutal 20+ years of the last part of her life. My nan had countless autoimmune diseases and chronic illness. Someone of her time she did everything in her power not to show it to her grandchildren how much pain she was in, her spirit was always high. I can remember sitting in many doctors appointments as a young boy thinking there was something really profoundly wrong with the medical system. She was on 30+ meds a day and it never seemed like she got any better in the 14 years I knew her. It seemed to me even at 10 that it was absolutely crazy that the doctors were not talking to each other about the medications or problems she had and how to make here better. I remember braking down in front of my family a few times, crying about why nan is not getting better. What I didn't know at the time is they were only suppressing symptoms, they were not curing her. They were not solving the root cause of the issues. There was no good information or assistance for diet and lifestyle. It was hard to watch her health growing up, and when I watched her die the way she did it forever imprinted in my mind I wanted to help people avoid this. I took in any and all information I could about human biology and health from a very early age, I took diet very seriously from the time I was 16. I realized this was a major if not the biggest factor in my nan's struggles and death. I am furthering my education every day with educational podcast, books, papers, articles with every free moment I have. I really love is to help people and I want to do this as often as possible. Through the experiance I lived, my drive to understand why what we consume effects us and the Primal Health Coaching program has given me the effective tools to help myself and others.

My cycling story, I once was a elite cyclist and I’ve won professional races. Every year of training and racing brought greater success as I built my fitness. Almost obsessively studying sports science of all kinds for over 12 + years (in combination with the health interests) testing many theories and lab results by bringing them to real road training—even incorporating a way of training for a full year. 

Since my transition to coaching and training full time in 2011, I’ve had the pleasure of working with professional cyclists in the Olympics, World Championships Road and TT, Paris Roubaix, WINNING multiple professional national championships as well as elite, for Road, TT, MTB and junior national championships. I also have had the great experience of working with and directing U23 Pro/Am Cycling teams, and Pro/Am Women’s cycling teams.

If its training to just be better or racing is your goal, it is imperative to understand endurance sport and it really takes years to develop ones real potential. Health coaching I feel its important to make commitments that will allow you to live the healthy life you imagine. Let’s start and see what your potential is.

Ashley Knights, jr.
Founder & Trainer