Rene Corella Braun 

BMW Development Team

Having the opportunity to work with The Force Training has allowed me to improve upon my deficiencies on the bike. I had the chance to start with the program 1 month before World Championships in Tuscany, Italy. The difference and improvement came immediately.

Priscilla Calderon 

Monster Media Racing Team

Working with a coach like Ashley is great. He makes my training schedule very time efficient and straight to the point. I am a very busy person with work, school and trying to make the most of this cycling thing. So I don’t have time to noodle around when I’m out training.

One of the many things I like about Ashley, is he is always available. Just a text away =) He is able to shuffles things around when your life gets a little too hectic.

Ever since I started my coaching program with Ashley, I’ve noticed a huge increase in my fitness. I am no longer ‘a wheel sucker’ and it has shown in my race results.

Ashley is very knowledgeable when it comes to cycling, training, and nutrition. I feel it has taken me to the next level. He truly cares about you as an individual and wants to see you succeed.

Anthony Canevari

Octane Cycling Team 

What can I say about Ashley David Knights and his program? Nothing but awesomeness! I have known Ashley for many years and he has always been tentative, resourceful, and very helpful in my cycling career. He has helped me in numerous ways with nutrition, race tactics, workouts, post race routines, recovery, and more.

Ashley is not only a great athlete, coach, and mechanic, but someone who genuinely cares about getting you to your highest potential as possible which is a characteristic that is very hard to find in the cycling industry. He has very high commitment to his athletes, friends and family, and his work ethic is amazing.

His knowledge of cycling, nutrition, and workouts are impeccable. When it comes down to it there is no other program I have found that has been more useful, helpful, or shown me such fantastic results. If you want a program that truly works and a coach that truly cares then you’ve found him.

Flavio De Luna

Team SmartStop Pro Cycling

With the personalized Force Training power program I've been able to find my true potential and become a much better rider in a couple months. Goals seem to be easier to reach by doing some hard work and getting training done.

Thanks to my coach and friend, Ashley David Knights, Jr.

On race day the talking stops and the real action begins. You will see who has prepared well when the going gets tough. Maybe not on the first dig or even the second, but when the crucial selection happens and the best start rising to the top you quickly see that actions talk louder than words.
— Ashley Knights, Jr.

Brad Drennan


When I started racing as a triathlete 4 years ago I had no guidance. After about a year of racing I decided it was time to find a coach. A good friend and training partner who was being coached by Ashley introduced the two of us. Working with Ash is very easy, fun, yet still very professional. Ash is always willing to work around the scheduling of my life. He is very involved in my training and racing life. Ash is always aware of how I am feeling and how my body is reacting to the training programs that he has built for me. Having a coach that is always willing to make adjustments to my program if a sickness or if my body is not ready for a specific effort is very important to me- I have that with Ash. Ever since starting my coaching with Ashley my fitness has increased drastically and it has shown in my race results.

Briana Knights


Ash is a truly amazing coach. I don’t think I could have gotten through my Ironman training with out him. He was there every step of the way helping me get through the hard days and there with me to celebrate the good days. He helped me map out my nutrition plan for the entire race as well as for my training. His experience and ability provides an abundance of knowledge about the sport that truly makes him an absolutely amazing coach. I HIGHLY recommend Ashley as a coach to everyone out there!